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Special Interest Webcasts
Monday Jun 5, 2017
Special Presentations
Clara Brasseur  (Space Telescope Science Institute)
Monday May 8, 2017
John Bahcall Lecture Series
Rainer Weiss  (LIGO Scientific Collaboration )
After some history of gravitational waves will follow with a description of the waves and the technique for detecting them. Present and discuss the observations and end with a vision for the future of gravitational wave astronomy and astrophysics. ...
Monday May 1, 2017
Special Presentations
Karen Levay (Space Telescope Science Institute)
Monday Mar 27, 2017
Special Presentations
Steven Finkelstein (The University of Texas at Austin)
Over the past two decades, the Hubble Space Telescope has frequently pushed back the high-redshift frontier, first through the epoch of galaxy assembly to z~4 and z~6 with the WFPC2/HDF and ACS/HUDF, and more recently through the epoch of reionizatio ...