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STScI Public Lecture Series

An Astrovizicist's Guide to the Film "Deep Field: The Impossible Magnitude of Our Universe

Presented by: Frank Summers (Space Telescope Science Institute)
Category: Education and Outreach   Duration: 1 hour   Broadcast date: March 05, 2019
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In November 2018, composer Eric Whitacre's Hubble-inspired symphony "Deep Field" was released as a film accompanied by NASA images and scientific visualizations from the night sky to the edge of the observable universe. The Space Telescope Science Institute provided 11 sequences that not only depict the awesome beauty of the universe, but also express the three-dimensional nature of celestial objects. Dr. Summers, visualization lead on the project, will provide a behind the scenes view of the science and art in this unique cinematic and symphonic experience. A screening of the 30 minute film will follow