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2018 Fall Science Colloquia

Microlensing Perspectives on Cool Planet Populations

Presented by: Jennifer C. Yee (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics)
Category: Science Colloquia   Duration: 1 hour   Broadcast date: September 05, 2018
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Title: Microlensing Perspectives on Cool Planet Populations Abstract: Microlensing is uniquely capable of studying planets across a wide range of masses at a few AU from their host stars. At the lower masses, these planets are difficult to impossible to find with other techniques. I will discuss recent results in microlensing suggesting a turnover in the planet mass ratio function around 10^-4, i.e. that planets with mass ratios similar to Neptune are the most abundant at separations probed by microlensing. I will also discuss microlensing constraints on the free-floating planet population. Finally, I will discuss how current and future microlensing surveys, including WFIRST, will advance our understanding of cool planet populations.