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The Impact of Winds on the Circumgalactic Medium

Presented by: Tim Heckman  (JHU)
Category: Science Colloquia   Duration: 30 minutes   Broadcast date: July 11, 2018
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7/11/18 Tim Heckman (JHU) Title: The Impact of Winds on the Circumgalactic Medium Abstract: The Circum-Galactic Medium (CGM) is a reservoir for fueling the growth of galaxies through gas inflow and subsequent star formation. The resulting population of massive stars will provide an outflow that delivers energy, momentum, and heavy elements back to the CGM. This interplay between inflow and outflow will have profound consequences for the evolution of galaxies. In this talk I will report observations of the impact of starburst-driven outflows on the CGM in the low-z universe based on COS observations of QSO sightlines through the haloes of starburst galaxies. Compared to a control sample of normal star-forming galaxies, the CGM surrounding the starbursts has larger column densities of ionized metals and higher (super-virial) velocities. I will show that these results can be understood in the context of an energy- or momentum-driven bubble propagating into the outer CGM. This has implications for our understanding of both the CGM and starburst-driven winds.