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2018 Hot Sci @ STScI

Polar Disks and Planets Around Eccentric Binaries

Presented by: Steve Lubow  (Space Telescope Science Institute)
Category: Science Colloquia   Duration: 30 minutes   Broadcast date: June 27, 2018
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Observations have revealed the presence of circumbinary disks that are misaligned with respect to the central binary. Previous theoretical studies of circumbinary disks in young binary star systems have shown that these disks evolve towards coplanarity with the binary. However, these studies assumed that the binary orbit is circular. We (Martin & Lubow 2017; Lubow & Martin 2018) have recently shown that low mass moderately misaligned gaseous protostellar disks around eccentric orbit binaries can evolve to polar alignment in which they lie perpendicular to the binary orbit. This evolution process naturally explains the existence of the observed polar debris disk around 99 Her (Kennedy et al. 2012) and some unpublished observations of possible circumbinary planets that are misaligned with respect to their central binary.