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HST Special AAS 231

Presented by: Marc Rafelski, Daniela Calzetti, Jessica Werk, Bill Sparks, Jelle Kaastra (STScI, SRON, U of Massachusetts, U of Washington)
Category: AAS - American Astronomical Society   Duration: 0 milliseconds   Broadcast date: January 16, 2018
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Session Title: Astrophysics Enabled by HST’s UV Initiative Session Description: Observations with the Hubble Space Telescope open up a window on ultraviolet (UV) wavelengths which enables astrophysics that would not be possible otherwise. UV observations complete the census of star formation at its peak epoch; probe starformation- driven winds in galaxies; reveal the spatial and temporal structuring of star formation in galaxies on scales from individual stars to star clusters; constrain the nature of energetic events and outflows from supermassive black holes; describe the scattering in exoplanet atmospheres; and unveil evidence for water plumes in the solar system. The Ultraviolet Astrophysics Legacy Initiative, in place since Cycle 21, recognizes the unique resource that Hubble has in its access to the UV portion of the electromagnetic spectrum and encourages proposals for this finite limited resource. A total of 391 accepted observing programs in Cycles 21 through 24 have made use of the UV Initiative, totaling more than 7100 orbits. This special session will highlight the science outcomes of programs undertaken as part of the UV initiative, set the landscape for future science at these wavelengths, and present the key role UV observations will have in interpreting results from future missions like the James Webb Space Telescope. The invited speaker list consists of astronomers who are involved in projects on a selection of topics spanning the astronomical scales of the cosmos, from solar system science to the early universe, in observing programs making use of the UV Initiative. We propose to have an associated poster session as well, to showcase further the breadth of science being done under the UV initiative.

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