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Engineering and Technology Colloquia Series

Empowering the Next Generation Of Open Scientists

Presented by: Karthik Ram (Berkley Institute of Data Science)
Category: Engineering Colloquia   Duration: 1 hour   Broadcast date: August 08, 2017
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The Open Science movement, which promotes sharing all artifacts of scientific research such as data, code, and methods, is becoming increasingly popular among researchers worldwide. This rapid increase in popularity is evidenced in the thriving ecosystem of tools and also numerous training initiatives that have sprung up at various institutions. One such effort in this space is the rOpenSci project. Founded as a grassroots effort six years ago, the project works to promote open and reproducible research by enabling discovery of data, code and software, creating the technical and social infrastructure to enable reproducible research, and advocate for a culture of open science in various disciplines. This community driven project builds upon R’s popularity as a scientific research tool and fills in additional gaps in the computational pipeline by providing tools for data acquisition (from APIs and other source), data manipulation (including an emerging suite for spatial data analysis and mapping), data visualization tools, and data publication tools. Beyond tooling, the project has been working towards promoting best practices in scientific computing (beyond the R language itself) by developing a highly successful model for peer review of scientific software, mentorship, and community development. In this talk I would like to reflect on some lessons learned from founding and bootstrapping the rOpenSci project from a small community of open science enthusiasts to a global community of research software developers and scientists. In particular, I’d like to discuss challenges around credit mechanisms, and value propositions both for the individual researcher and the research community.