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2017 JWST Proposal Planning Workshop

JWST Data Analysis Tools and Community Software

Presented by: Harry Ferguson (STScI)
Category: Science Workshops   Duration: 30 minutes   Broadcast date: May 18, 2017
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JWST Data Analysis Tools and Community Software Harry Ferguson (STScI) Abstract: This talk will outline some of the tools that JWST users may wish to use in analyzing their data. Specifically, I will focus on tools being developed in the python program language, well-integrated with Astropy, and distributed withthe AstroConda distribution. The tools are being developed in part at STScI, with a focus on JWST science use cases, and in part by a much broader community with overlapping needs. I will provide and overview of the JWST tool development plans, examples of some JWST uses, along with examples, and an outline of overlapping community efforts.