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2017 229th AAS

Making Great Observatories Even Better

Presented by: Rachel Osten, Gerard Kriss, Kristen McQuinn, Mike Corcoran, Allison Youngblood, Daniel Apai, Diana Dragomir, Aaron Boley  (STScI, University of Texas @ Austin, USRA & NASA/GSFC, University of Colorado, University of Arizona, MIT Kavli Institute, University of British Columbia )
Category: AAS Meeting   Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes   Broadcast date: January 05, 2017
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Gerard Kriss - "Coordinated UV and X-ray Observations of AGN Outflows", Kristen McQuinn - "What Does Galaxy Evolution Look like at the Faint End of the Luminosity Function", Mike Corcoran - "High-Resolution Studies of Mass Loss from Massive Binary Stars", Allison Youngblood - "Multi-wavelength Characterization of Expoplanet host stars with the MUSCLES Treasury Survey", Daniel Apai - "Extrasolar Storms: Clouds and Atmospheric Dynamics in Brown Dwarfs and Exoplanets", Diana Dragomir - "Multi-Wavelength Spectroscopy of Super-Earth Atmospheres", Aaron Boley - "HST, Alma, & Revealing the Throws of Planetary Formation"

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