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Meridian Speeches

Microscope to Telescope

Presented by: David Malin  (Anglo-Australian Observatory)
Category: Special Interest   Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes   Broadcast date: November 02, 2006
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David Malin has been involved in scientific imaging all his working life. He joined the Anglo-Australian Observatory (AAO) as its Photographic Scientist in August 1975, shortly after scheduled observations began on the then-new, 3.9m Anglo-Australian Telescope (AAT) in June 1975. He is also now Adjunct Professor of Scientific Photography at RMIT University in Melbourne. He was born in England and trained as a chemist, working for many years with a large international chemical company in the north of England. There he used optical and electron microscope and X-ray diffraction techniques to explore the very small before turning his attention to much larger and more distant things in Australia. David has published over 120 scientific papers and a similar number of popular articles on astronomy and photography, as well as seven books. His contributions to photographic science and astronomy have received international recognition, including honorary degrees from two Australian universities.

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