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STScI Public Lecture Series

Insights into the Interplay of Science & Art

Presented by: Dario Robleto & Frank Summers (Space Telescope Science Institute)
Category: Education and Outreach   Duration: 1 hour and 45 minutes   Broadcast date: March 03, 2015
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Houston artist Dario Robleto's "Setlists for a Setting Sun" is on view in the Contemporary Wing of the Baltimore Museum of Art (BMA) through March 29, 2015. This exhibition weaves together the histories of recorded light and sound in a body of poetic sculptures, prints, and cut-paper works. The show debuts three works inspired in part by the BMA's proximity to the Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI). As a special collaboration between these two Baltmore institutions, Robleto will present a BMA Artist Talk as part of the STScI Public Lecture Series. He will delve into the cross-pollination of art and science ‹ including the ways in which imagery from the Hubble Space Telescope, celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2015, has influenced Robleto and the works featured in the exhibition. In counterpoint, STScI astronomer Frank Summers will explore the scientific properties of light, space, and time that not only underscore the artistic depth, but also expose the mind-bending realities within Einstein's theory of relativity.