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STScI SASP Summer Student Presentations

2012 Summer Student Presentations (Session 1)

Presented by: Raquel Chicharro, Edward Montiel, Jesse Feddersen, Ludmila Pontremolez, Yashashreee Jadhav, Mattia Libralato, and Jeffrey Gerber  (Space Telescope Science Institute)
Category: Education and Outreach   Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes   Broadcast date: August 07, 2012
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Presentation of research and technical projects from participants of the 2012 Space Astronomy Summer Program. Extra-Galactic research presentations include: "The Role of Globular Clusters in Giant Elliptical Galaxies", Raquel Chicharro (Complutense University of Madrid); "The Mass-Metallicity Relation in Galaxies at Redshift 0.8", Jesse Feddersen (Indiana University); "IRAS F15307+3252: Why You Can't Judge a Book by Its Unpolarized Light", Jeffrey Gerber (Appalachian State University); "WHIRC Observations of NGC 6946: The Fireworks Galaxy", Student: Edward Montiel (University of Arizona/Louisiana State University). Stellar research presentations include: "Microlensing by Isolated Stellar Objects: Proper Motion and Membership Probability", Mattia Libralato (University of Padua). HLA technical projects include: "The TAIMing of the Hubble Legacy Archive: Transformations to Allow Image Matching", Yashashree Jadhav (Ohio University, Athens). Engineering/software technical projects include: "Adding Features to the Virtual Observatory's Iris Program" and "Discrete Event Simulation Testing for JWST Operations", both by Ludmila Pontremolez (Technological Institute of Aeronautics in Brazil/Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University/Catholic University).