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Hard Science, Soft Skills Series

Exploring Integrity and Its Impact on Leading

Presented by: Cheryl Gray Hines (Johns Hopkins University)
Category: Special Interest   Duration: 3 hours   Broadcast date: September 27, 2011
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Trust: it's what we ant and want to be able to do. Are you trusted as a leader, colleague, or employee? Why does trust matter in our work and in our lives? How do integrity and trust improve our ability to lead and develop organizations? Over the past twenty years Cheryl Gray Hines, currently an adjunct faculty member for the JHU Leadership development Program, has worked with diverse companies and industries to clarify impediments to reaching business objectives as well as in developing focused goals and strategies to attain success. Ms. Hines leads a discussion exploring the distinction between integrity and ethics, identifying the link between trust and integrity, and understanding the multi-dimensional nature of integrity.

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