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Engineering and Technology Colloquia Series

NASA’s General Mission Analysis Tool: Open Source Software for Mission Design

Presented by: Joel Parker  (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center)
Category: Engineering Colloquia   Duration: 2 hours   Broadcast date: January 10, 2012
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The General Mission Analysis Tool (GMAT) is a space trajectory optimization and mission analysis system developed by NASA and private industry. GMAT is open-source software and is developed publicly and collaboratively, with commercial, academic, public, and international contributors. The system has been used in support of the LCROSS, ARTEMIS, LRO, and MMS missions, and includes features such as high-fidelity orbit propagation, impulsive and finite maneuver models, parameter optimization solvers, targeters, command line and GUI interfaces, 2D and 3D graphics, a custom scripting language, and integration with MATLAB and user-developed plug-ins. GMAT is available for download at http://gmat.gsfc.nasa.gov.