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STScI SASP Summer Student Presentations

2010 Summer Student Symposium (Session 3 of 3) (SASP)

Presented by: Melodie Kao (MIT), Melissa Butner (Austin Peay State U), Tuguldur Sukhbold (Univ of Arizona), Ethan Kruse (Harvard University) (n/a)
Category: Education and Outreach   Duration: 1 hour   Broadcast date: August 19, 2010
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Melodie Kao (Star Formation History of the Dwarf Galaxy Holmberg IX) ---- Melissa Butner (Color Maps of the Ohio State University Bright Spiral Galaxy Survey) ---- Tuguldur Sukhbold (What is the Source of the Diffuse Background Light in HUDF) ---- Ethan Kruse (COS-Halos Galaxy Merger Presenting Molecular H2)

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