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STScI SASP Summer Student Presentations

2010 Summer Student Symposium (Session 1 of 3) (SASP)

Presented by: Bob Hanisch, Kyle Harris, Matt Brown, Kristen Recine, Peter Sims, Jessica Harris, and Katie Hamren (Various)
Category: Education and Outreach   Duration: 55 minutes   Broadcast date: August 19, 2010
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Presentations by members of the 2010 STScI summer student programs. Presentations in this session include: introductions by Bob Hanisch of the Space Telescope Science Institute; Galaxy Classification and Hubble Mini-Game Prototypes (Kyle Harris, University of Baltimore); SpaceRocks! A Mobile Application Prototype to Access the STScI Archive via Mobile (Matt Brown, UMPC); The CHAI Project: Coordinates for Hubble Astronomical Images (Kristen Recine, Dickinson College); Mirashift: Working Towards Automated Image Registration (Peter Sims, University of Warwick (UK)); Hubble Legacy Archive and the Public (Jessica Harris, Fisk/Vanderbilt University); and Astronomy Education Using the HLA (Katie Hamren, Cornell University).

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