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STScI Public Lecture Series

Magnifying the Past: Galaxy Clusters and Gravitational Lensing

Presented by: Ray Lucas (Space Telescope Science Institute)
Category: Education and Outreach   Duration: 1 hour   Broadcast date: February 23, 2010
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Gravitational lensing is a consequence of Einstein's general relativity in which mass warps space, and light traversing this space curves as if passing through a lens. The lensing acts as Nature's telescope, magnifying more distant objects, though also distorting their shapes. Such observations provide valuable clues not only to the nature and structure of these objects, but also to the structure and amount of the dark matter in the gravitational lens. This talk will discuss the role of massive galaxy clusters in gravitational lensing, and especially some of those which have benefitted from the wide-area, high-resolution imaging provided by HST and its cameras.