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Hard Science, Soft Skills Series

Working with People in Complex Organizations: Why Being Smart Is Only A Start

Presented by: Carole Lyles Shaw (Columbia Resource Group)
Category: Special Interest   Duration: 2 hours   Broadcast date: September 24, 2009
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What is Social Intelligence? Join us to learn about the "other intelligence" we use when working with people. This talk will examine how social intelligence is essential for achieving high impact. Learn what research is telling us about the benefits of this other intelligence on group and individual performance, leadership effectiveness, problem-solving, decision making, innovation, work relationships and the quality of work life. Most importantly, see how you can tap into your social intelligence to improve your work and personal lives. Carole Lyles Shaw is founder and President of the Columbia Resource Group. Since 1989, Carole has consulted on change management, managing performance, organizational development, leadership development and executive coaching, and executive team development. Her clients include government and commercial organizations such as the World Bank, Deutsche Bank, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center and Space Telescope Science Institute. Carole has published works in the areas of emotional intelligence, organizational behavior and leadership. She is a frequent speaker at conferences and workshops dedicated to organizational effectiveness, leadership development and coaching individual performance.

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