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Engineering and Technology Colloquia Series

Falcons and Dragons: SpaceX Enabling Space Science and Missions

Presented by: Max Vozoff (Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX))
Category: Engineering Colloquia   Duration: 1 hour   Broadcast date: July 30, 2009
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Falcon 1 is operational. Falcon 9 inaugural mission will be this year, followed in January 2010 by first flight of the Dragon spacecraft. The Falcon launch vehicles are dramatically changing the price point for launch of robotic spacecraft missions, while the Dragon spacecraft is capable of far more than just delivering cargo to ISS and returning payloads to Earth. SpaceX intends to offer in-space technology demonstration, Earth and space observation, and microgravity research and other applications. Dragon also provides all the functions required for rendezvous, inspection and robotic servicing of spacecraft. This talk will discuss the status of these SpaceX developments, vehicle capabilities and plans for the coming years.

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