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JWST Community Lectures

The JWST Calibration Pipeline

Presented by: Howard Bushouse (Space Telescope Science Institute)
Category: JWST Meetings   Duration: 1 hour   Broadcast date: April 25, 2017
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The JWST calibration pipeline is a modular, flexible collection of processing steps and pipelines that are used to remove detector artifacts, calibrate, and reduce data from all JWST instruments and provide products that are ready for scientific analysis. Unlike the HST calibration pipelines, which were very instrument-specific and mostly monolithic in nature, the JWST calibration pipelines are organized by observing mode (imaging, spectroscopic, coronagraphic, etc.) and take advantage of commonalities across the JWST instruments. The various calibration steps and pipeline modules are contained within a common "jwst" python package and are organized into several levels of calibration activity. The lowest level does the standard work of removing most detector artifacts and consists of specific steps that are common to most instruments. The next level of processing applies final corrections and calibrations to individual exposures based on their observing mode. A third level of processing then works on associations of multiple exposures to combine the data into final, high-level products. The architecture and design of the "jwst" python package allows the code to be used and manipulated in very flexible ways, including operations executed from the command line, from within a python shell, or built up into custom series of operations in a python notebook.

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