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2014 Pan-STARRS1

Morphological studies of galaxies

Presented by: David Thilker  (JHU)
Category: Science Workshops   Duration: 25 minutes   Broadcast date: June 24, 2014
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We will present results from our PS1-based effort to obtain a comprehensive, physically-interpreted view of z ~ 0 galaxy structure via pixel-SED fitting of resolved galaxies. This project is the basis for the PS1 Optical Galaxy Survey (POGS, http://pogs.theskynet.org/pogs). To accomplish the intensive data processing required, we created a successful distributed computing network, enabled by volunteer citizen scientists. Our early work has focused on imaging from PS1 and SDSS, but we are now in the process of broadening our spectral scope to the UV-IR domain. For thousands of galaxies, we are determining maps of key physical parameters. We will compute CAS+Gini+M_20 non-parametric morphology indicators based on the images of stellar mass (M*) and extinction-free star formation rate (SFR) resulting from pixel-SED fitting. Further, parametric models of galaxy structure (bulge, disk, bar) will be derived directly using the stellar mass maps. Our overarching science goal is understanding the evolution of galaxies with respect to their position and trajectory in the global (M*, SFR) plane, using maximally orthogonal, quantitative measures of stellar structure and SF modes obtained from our physical parameter maps.

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