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2010 HST Calibration Workshop

Photometric Performance of WFC3 UVIS and IR Cameras

Presented by: Jason Kalirai (STScI)
Category: Science Workshops   Duration: 15 minutes   Broadcast date: July 22, 2010
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We characterize the total system throughput of HST/WFC3 by imaging both hot and cool HST spectrophotometric standard stars with both the UVIS and IR cameras. For the UVIS channel, our measurements indicate that efficiencies are higher than ground tests by 15-20% at central wavelengths and 5-10% at the blue and red ends of the UVIS spectral range. For the IR channel, the instrument throughput is 10-15% higher in all filters. Over its one year lifetime, WFC3's throughput is stable in wide and medium band filters to <1%. New photometric zero points have been calculated, and updates to the exposure time calculator have been implemented.

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Jason's Presentation PowerPoint (.ppt)