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JWST Community Lectures

Wide Field Slitless Spectroscopy with the James Webb Space Telescope

Presented by: Gabriel Brammer  (Space Telescope Science Institute)
Category: JWST Meetings   Duration: 1 hour   Broadcast date: April 11, 2017
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I will review the wide-field slitless spectroscopic (WFSS) capabilities of the JWST instruments NIRISS and NIRCam. Using a grism element and no slits, JWST WFSS will probe parameter space intermediate between standard imaging and IFU and multi-object spectroscopy observing modes, providing uniform spectra of large, unbiased samples of stars and galaxies that can be used to measure spectral types, redshifts, and spatially-resolved emission line diagnostics. However, with no slits, the overlapping spectra of neighboring objects must be carefully modeled in order to robustly extract this information. I will review some recent science results and analysis challenges from HST WFSS programs, and use them to demonstrate tools that can be used for simulating and analyzing future JWST observations.

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Gabriel's Slides PDF document (.pdf)